Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why have a blog in "Engrish"?

Some people (meaning: my wife) ask me why did I choose to write this blog in Engrish, so i decided to sum it up, even if I am the only one that is going to read this.

1. Why have a blog? I wanted to have a record I could search of my own whereabouts on the net related to cinema and moving pictures. So why not a blog?

2. About the language choice:

For me all of us, as a collective, are learning how to tell a history in moving images (this "cinematic experience" thing). The visual vocabulary of this new language is in it's infancy, socially speaking. It feels like we are just out of "dark ages", when only few knew how to read/write.

Beside 100 years of cinema and some decades of TV, it is only now with the explosion of video on the Internet that we are exponentially growing our common "moving image vocabulary" in the process of trying to make a "universal language". Exponential growth because some passive receivers are becoming content producers (not that there is quality everywhere). If this happens with the collaboration/interaction of different cultures, mindsets and sensibilities is a wonderful moment in time to be part of. If by one hand, on our recent past TV has "standardized" so many visual/cultural cliches, on the other hand, now much more people can play around visual narratives. My hope is that this knowledge is used to expand our skills building cultural bridges rather than walls and is not used only for *"trivial commercial applications" that have been already spotted/explored in the past. Besides the great cultural gain from this new world, on the commercial side of things I hope at least it serves new commercial applications (like paying my rent - microbloging kind of stuff).

So what better way to do this than writing about it in English? A language in which I have no formal training on and have to struggle to express thoughts in a intelligible way? Isn't that the same kind of learning required to master moving pictures storytelling? Aren't we all trying to find new ways to communicate better in this "foreign language"?

Well, for me it is going to take a whale (sorry, "a while")

Homage to Werner Herzog - *Found on Youtube.

(I had a video link that was really relevant here but decide to take it out because of this)

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