Friday, January 25, 2008

Old new thing

The whole point of the promo I did was to have fun, and of course to promote something I like that is the idea of building new stories out of old fragments.

But something is never really new. I knew that... What is at least funny, not to say a bit embarrassing, is when you come across other's work (released prior to yours) that have some bits in common. That's what happened when I found this video today.

I still think that my video and this one are safely far away from each other regarding subject, editing and approach but the clapper board thing on the beginning....uhhh, I don't know if I would had done mine if I had watched the "Slim Twig Tropics" before.

Congrats to the author.

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Ross said...

Hi Toi,

I conceived & cut the video you're referring to.

The slates from The Tracey Fragments were inviting, I thought, particularly as Slim Twig's lyrics refer to "just enuff film" (sic). Together, the lyric and slates are effectively self-referential: a part of the post-modern aesthetic. I also like the fact that Slim's in The Tracey Fragments and the Tropics song is one of his originals.

I appreciate your comment about having utilized an idea that was already in play. I also support the idea of Creative Commons and have used footage in other works under a CC license.

Ross Turnbull.