Thursday, January 31, 2008

Learning how to cook

In this post instead of given you a recipe (which I don't have) for making cinema 2.0, I decided to share a small collection of ingredients and chef's interviews I find interesting to help building some understanding over the subject of alternative ways to produce and share a cinematic work.

These links are not a complete or final resource guide, but only a few I personally find useful.

Filmmakers Seize Control - Arin Crumley's (from Four Eyed Monsters) video on Youtube.
"The Vancouver international film festival invited Lance Weiler and I to come out and be a part of their Forum sessions. This one was called Filmmakers Seize Control."

Fat Free Films - Joel Marshall - Nice podcast selection

Interview with Matt Hanson the creator of the cinema 2.0 project, A SWARM OF ANGELS
on the site The Workbook Project

There are many others. Including some outstanding technical resources like fxguide but these fall out of the scope of this blog because they are hi-end pro ventures that the main focus is on technical skills of big budget movies. But If you already work on the cinema or broadcast field you must be aware of these resources.

I hope people share more links on the subject on the comments section.

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