Friday, February 1, 2008

What is Cinema 2.0?

I included in this post a video from the Dropping Knowledge project that in my opinion synthesize much of the power of the new web platform for audiovisual distribution/user interaction. Like the idea or not, they made a case study example of new uses for video on the web.

My point with this video (not really this one video, but the project behind it) is that the line between multimedia/video/cinema is blurred. Like the globalized world blurred so many lines (geographical/linguistic/cultural), video on the web is doing it's own convergence thing that goes beyond the technical side of movie making. It is blending medium, know-how, as well as genres, it fades out the old border lines between cinema-tv, documentary-newscast, cinema verité-reality tv. Maybe I am getting this all wrong and that is not cinema 2.0, but then someone smarter than me should come up with a new name for it because the old label tv/cinema simply don't apply to this new form of communication.

This film is protected by the copyleft dropping knowledge Copyleft License.

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