Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How to share your taste with the world

It seems that very soon, some giant Internet players are planing to put some "user generated content" on the "People's Domain" (no, not quite public domain - and no, not creative content) . In fact, it seems that some big logs on users video viewing habits are going to be "recycled" in a whole new context.

I am sorry not to go into more details, but my "engrish" and legal skills fall short on the magnitude of the scale of this subject.

You can check more info about the actual news report here and here.

This news relate to the theme of this blog in at least one point:
Recycling old "Kinematics".

From Wikipedia: "Kinematics (Greek κινειν, kinein, to move) is a branch of dynamics which describes the motion of objects without consideration of the circumstances leading to the motion"...

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